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The Royal Melbourne Hospital in conjunction with the other sites under Melbourne Health offer high school students (Year 10 Year 12) work experience every year.

Melbourne Health offer one week of work experience for each student. This year, a maximum of 6 students will be allocated to each department for the year broken up between all 3 intakes, which are during school term holidays.

There will be three intakes through the year for students to apply for willing departments:

Intake 1

Advertising goes live on 17/01/2014 and closes 17/02/2014

Intake 1 applicants will be students able to do work experience during Term 1 holidays: 07/04/2014 until 11/04/2014 or 14/04/2014 until 18/04/2014.

Intake 2

Intake 2 advertising goes live on 23/04/2014 and closes 23/05/2014

Intake 2 applicants will be students able to do work experience during Term 2 holidays: 30/06/2014 until 04/07/2014 or 07/07/2014 until 11/07/2014.

Intake 3

Intake 3 advertising goes live on 22/07/2014 and closes 22/08/2014

Intake 3 applicants will be students able to do work experience during Term 3 holidays: 22/09/2014 until 26/09/2014 or 29/09/2014 until 03/10/2014

How to apply

Applications will open on the above advertising dates.

To apply, simply visit the Melbourne Health recruitment website and search for work experience 2014. Scroll through the work experience vacancies and select "Apply Now" to sign up to our recruitment system and complete an online application.

Thank you for being interested in having your work experience week at Melbourne Health. We wish you future success!


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