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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a public and private service which provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services using radiopharmaceuticals.

Diagnostic services include the assessment of: myocardial perfusion, (exercise Thallium or Sestamibi) to assess for coronary artery disease, malignant and benign bone pain and sports injury, renal function, renal artery stenosis (Captopril renal scans) pulmonary embolus by perfusion / ventilation, staging of malignancy eg bone/gallium scan, cardiac function, gastrointestinal transit studies.

Treatment is delivered for thyrotoxicosis (131 Iodine), thyroid cancer (131 Iodine), rheumatoid arthritis (90Y Silicate), painful bone metastases (89Strontium), polycythaemia
(32 Phosporous), and liver metastases (90Y microspheres).

Nuclear Medicine
Ground Floor (near underground carpark)
Clinical Sciences Building
The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Grattan Street, Parkville 3050
Victoria Australia

Telephone 9342 7480
Facsimile 9342 7342
Hours 0800 - 1730 Monday-Friday (8am - 5.30pm)
Director Dr Meir Lichtenstein

Senior Staff

Dr Meir Lichtenstein Director / Nuclear Medicine Physician (NMP) 9342 7480
Dr Nathan Better Deputy Director / NM Physician : Cardiologist 9342 7480
Dr Dinesh Sivaratnam Consultant NM Physician : Cardiologist 9342 7480
Dr D.Gunawardana Consultant NM Physician : Oncologist 9342 7480
Dr S. Nadesapillai Consultant NM Physician : Rheumatologist 9342 7480
Dr H.B Toh Consultant NM Physician : Radiologist 9342 7480
Dr Nouria Salehi Biophysicist 9342 7480
Ruth McGennisken Chief NM Technologist 9342 7480

GP Referrals

For appointments, request forms, patient instructions and a list of available procedures, phone 9342 7480. Fax referral letters or request forms to 9342 7342. Send an original letter or request to accompany the patient.

For Bone Mineral Densitometry phone 9342 7027.

Advice and urgent referrals: to discuss an individual patient or urgent referral, phone 9342 7480 to speak with a Medical Consultant. A Nuclear Medicine Physician is available for this during working hours or via The Royal Melbourne Hospital switchboard after hours.


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