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  Magnetic Reasonance Imaging (MRI)



Magnetic Resonance Imaging allows us to look at any part of your body in cross-section (like looking at each slice of a loaf of bread in turn) using a Magnetic field. Using the MR Scanner, we can build up a picture of the whole area, and see parts of the body, which are difficult to see by any other method.


Confirmation will be made that you have answered the MRI SAFETY QUESTIONNAIRE correctly and that you do not have a PACEMAKER and/or METALLIC OBJECTS within or on your body prior to entering the MRI scanning room. Please also notify the specialised staff if you have any Cerebral (Brain) ANEURYSM CLIPS as these may not be compatible with MRI. Please remove all items of jewellery & clothing that contain metal i.e. buttons, zips, wire in under garments, keys & credit cards. You will be allocated a change cubicle and instructed to put on a gown.

Once changed you will lie on a detachable table in the MR recovery area. The specialised staff will make you as comfortable as possible within the limitations of the machine and special coils which may be placed around the area requested to scan. The table will then be wheeled and docked onto the MRI scanner.

It is very important that you hold your breath as instructed, which improves the quality of the images. The MR Scanner makes a very loud sound, like a noisy jackhammer, as it operates. You will be offered ear plugs or headphones & music. This is a great opportunity for you to bring some of your own CDs in with you. Please remember to take them home.

During the scan, an injection of contrast dye MAGNEVIST may be given via a cannula in a vein in your arm or hand by the specialised staff or via a controlled injection pump. This will enhance images and assist with the diagnosis. If you experience any pain at the site of the injection, tightness in the chest, difficulty swallowing, an itchy rash or other adverse reaction tell the Radiology staff immediately. The injection will be stopped and you will be closely monitored and treated accordingly.

Please tell the Radiology staff if you have had any SERIOUS ALLERGIES to medications or a KNOWN MAGNEVIST CONTRAST ALLERGY.


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