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About working in psychiatry at NWMH

NWMH serves the large multicultural catchment area of the northern and western metro regions of Melbourne servicing a population of 1.3 million. More than 220 doctors are employed by NWMH to deliver a broad and integrated range of mental health services to young people, adults and aged persons with a serious mental illness.

NWMH has a well developed and very well resourced registrar training program that has achieved truly outstanding exam pass rates. The team of people behind this result is made up of:

  • Prof Bruce Singh, NWMH Director of Training. Until recently Prof Singh was the Cato Professor of Psychiatry and Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne and Director of NWMH. Prof Singh is also the author of two seminal texts on psychiatry and these are recommended for all HMOs, trainees and indeed psychiatrists new to Australia. The texts are:
    1. "Mental Health in Australia" edited by Graham Meadows and Bruce Singh, Oxford University Press
    2. "Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry, 3rd Edition" edited by Sidney Bloch and Bruce Singh, Melbourne University Press.
  • Dr Dennis Handrinos, NWMH Coordinator of Psychiatry Training. Dr Handrinos is a Consultant Psychiatrist who provides examination preparation for registrars and International Medical Graduates (IMGs).
  • Dr Katinka Morton, Coordinator of Training, Western Region of Victoria (RANZCP) and a Consultant Psychiatrist at NWMH.
  • Dr Jenny Dakis oversees the training of first year registrars. Dr Dakis is also a Consultant Psychiatrist at the John Cade Unit, The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  • Dr Sophie Adams, NWMH Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Psychiatrist, Inner West Area Mental Health Service. Dr Adams also coordinates the IMG Training and Orientation Program.

If you are an HMO, Registrar or Consultant Psychiatrist and you are considering working and living in Australia, we invite you to view the multimedia presentations on this page and read the information pack that will provide you with detailed information on everything from pay rates to visas.

Please read the Working at Melbourne Health information pack.

Position Description and Applications for NWMH Psychiatry MO/Registrar positions available online. Type "Psychiatry" into Search.

If you would like more information, please visit the Northern Western Mental Health Doctors website.

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