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Learning about being mentally healthy is now just a click away

7 October 2011

A new website has been launched to help residents of Hume and Moreland to learn skills and strategies to maintain good mental health.

Called Act-Belong-Commit: Mentally Healthy Hume & Moreland, this campaign is targeted at healthy members of the community. The aim is to improve understanding about what can be done to maintain good mental health and increase our resilience to the ups and downs of life through a variety of simple actions. The inspiring Act-Belong-Commit website makes this important information easily accessible.

Deb Carrin, Manager of the Shared Care Team at North West Area Mental Health Service said: “We all know prevention is better than cure but there is little information and support to help individuals, families, groups, employers and whole communities to know what is within their power to maintain good mental health. We need to keep ourselves – and make the places where we live, work and socialise – more mentally healthy.”

A broad range of community, health and other organisations, groups and resident representatives are working in partnership with North West Area Mental Health Service to raise public awareness about the campaign, including Hume and Moreland councils.

“Our message is that being pro-active and helping yourself and others to stay mentally healthy is just as important as helping yourself and others to stay physically healthy. And it is as easy as A,B,C – Act-Belong-Commit. 

“For example, one of the easiest actions people can do to help stay mentally healthy is by becoming a member of a social, sports, community interest or cultural group or club. By getting socially active, you can make new friendships as well as gain or deepen a sense of belonging, meaning and pride in your life. It can extend your social networks for you to call on in times of need and in turn, leaves you feeling good knowing you can be a support to others. In this way, keeping socially active can help to build our emotional and mental resilience,” Ms Carrin said.

The website provides easy to access information about Act-Belong-Commit events happening in the local Hume and Moreland area. Residents can hear and read about real life stories from people who have taken steps to improve their mental health. There are also links to useful information and agencies.

Some of the website’s ideas for staying mentally healthy include:

Act: take a walk, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, dance, say g’day. Being active physically, socially and mentally helps us cope with stresses, builds friendships and lifts our spirits. Make a list of things you enjoy and spend more time doing them!

Belong: join a book club, a sporting team, a walking group or start a cooking class. Be more involved in community organisations and attend community events. Hang out with people who share your values and interests. Belonging helps build friendships, creates opportunities for meaningful participation, strengthens communities and it simply feels good.

Commit: make that extra ‘commitment’ to a hobby or a good cause. Help out a neighbour, or volunteer for a good cause. Be a coach or a mentor. Support your community clubs and groups. Try something challenging; learn a new skill. These activities give meaning to life. Being active, having a sense of belonging and having a purpose in life all contribute to happiness and good mental health.

The website is at: 

 Act Belong Commit website launch 7 October 2011
 The North West Area Mental Health Service team at the Act-Belong-Commit website launch.

Media contact: Irene Salkunas 0419 339 084


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